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About Hyrdrodipping

Hydrodipping is also called "Water Transfer Printing". It is a surface decoration process that allows nearly any paintable surface to be decorated with detailed graphic design.

Hydro Dipping is currently being used by major manufacturers around the world in industries such as firearms, automotive, aerospace, marine, and military. Dash kits, auto interiors, architecture, handles, switches and many daily applications lend themselves to the film dipping process. Water Transfer Printing and Hydrographics can be applied to materials such as plastics, metals, wood, etc and is able to coat complex three dimensional shapes with very high quality. There are hundreds of water transfer printing patterns available, offering a wide array of camouflages, wood grains, carbon fibers, stone, marble, brushed metals, and abstracts.

Bone Head customs supplies top of the line hydroprinting supplies and equipment through TWN Industries, the World Leader in Hydrodipping technologies. Our Water Transfer Printing Process is very durable! We use only the highest grade materials. After all items are printed they receive a clear coat finish in either a high gloss, semi-gloss or matte finish. We will help you determine which products will be best suited for your items. Whether you need UV resistance, scratch resistance, or flammability resistance.

Watch our videos here:
VIDEO 1 | Dipping a gun stock
VIDEO 2 | Dipping a gun stock

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